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cristinaBee in 2nd place [userpic]


July 13th, 2009 (01:04 pm)

current location: trabajo
current mood: complacent
current song: chatter

for old times sake. i dont think anyone even reads this anymore

watermelon eegee. yum the best

cristinaBee in 2nd place [userpic]

"satisfaction guaranteed couldnt get this high if i planned it..."

May 26th, 2005 (07:56 pm)

no photos no photosCollapse )

cristinaBee in 2nd place [userpic]

"i didnt take no shortcuts,i spent the money that I saved up, oh momma runnin outta luck..."

May 24th, 2005 (04:19 pm)

current mood: anxious
current song: barely leal by the strokes

queer as folk season premier was a bit disapointing. it wasnt very exciting. oh well it better get better, since it is the last season.

cristinaBee in 2nd place [userpic]

"and you remember the days...did you forget those days...what would the oddsmakers say?"

April 9th, 2005 (01:25 pm)

have you...?Collapse )

cristinaBee in 2nd place [userpic]

"something beautiful happened in the church house, but it didn't have to do with god..."

April 7th, 2005 (12:15 pm)

current mood: aggravated
current song: wet work by q and not u

oi vey! life is so retarded. the wrong ppl always want you even tho' you cleary express you no longer want to deal with them, but they seem to not get the point and be blind or jealous or just plain stupid. just go away!!! then of course the complete opposite happens and it also sucks...

cristinaBee in 2nd place [userpic]

"don't be frightened by the storm so bold and brave...just let it rain..."

March 28th, 2005 (12:16 pm)

current mood: anxious

i hope this week goes by quickly.

i can not wait to see sin city!!!

yay. gob *sigh*

cristinaBee in 2nd place [userpic]

" life it was so wonderful it would shine...oh like fire..."

March 16th, 2005 (10:57 am)

current mood: hopeful

communique were great last night.

honorary title were awesome.
the lead singer is f-ing HOT.
josh + beck = holy hotness rawr

earlimart were the best!!!

last thursday was the best night. taking care of poor drunk as f beck.who got kicked out of congress before 11:30 pm on his birthday. running into josh and billy. spending the rest of night w/ josh sharing a drink talking about everything and nothing until the lights came on...

cristinaBee in 2nd place [userpic]

i'll bring the water to put out your fire...

March 10th, 2005 (10:53 am)

current mood: confused

la la la
im hella bored. work is slow. im tired. dont know what to write about thats any different from how my life has been in 5000 years. well, okay maybe the last 5 years. everything is the same. it always is. the ppl sometimes change but most of them are the same. even if they do change they are the same. usually change for the worst. ppl get annoying. good thing i enjoy my own company. being alone is the best. hmmm...

cristinaBee in 2nd place [userpic]

"now you're all gone got your make-up on and you aint coming back..."

February 19th, 2005 (12:01 pm)

current mood: blank

"kinsey" was a really great mve. liam neeson is great and peter sarsgaard *rawr* not only is he a great actor, he is extremely beautiful. he can go from shaggy-haired redneck to clean cut professor and he is hot. i'm just hoping he was cold.

cristinaBee in 2nd place [userpic]

"business as usual 1-2-3, oooh la de da de come party with me..."

February 17th, 2005 (11:39 am)

i was bored last night and nothing is really on wed nights. i tried to watch 'lost' but could not get into it, i ended up watching 'the simple life'. nicole and paris are funny. i saw nicole on howard stern last week and i think she is pretty cute and not very annoying. i don't think its one of those i have to get home and watch shows i get all obsessed w/ and will be watching every week but it was pretty entertaining.

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